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Where do I train Sanction?

I train in the following areas, with the following caveats:

Denver (CO/WY) - I live here and am available without travel costs on a fairly short notice

Boston/New England - I make regular trips to the Boston area. I am available for training anywhere in New England, to include New York City.

Minneapolis/St. Paul (MN) - While I no longer live there, I schedule regular trips (I have family!). Thus, I offer classes on a consistent basis and there are no travel charges.

Seattle (WA) - I also plan regular trips and would be happy to schedule training (It is such a beautiful area!), without travel charges. Same thing applies here as Mpls. - anything special, please contact me, as there would be no travel charges.

Las Vegas, (NV) - Las Vegas is the newest area to be added to my training area. It is not too terribly far, thus allowing me the opportunity to train on fairly short notice, and without travel-related costs.

California (Anywhere) - I am training regularly in Los Angeles and San Francisco and would love to help anyone needing it in the greater California community!

Anywhere else - I would love to travel anywhere on earth. Everything is open to discussion!

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