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Training Philosophy

When choosing a trainer, you have a plethora of choices. I hope the element that might help distinguish myself from the crowd is my philosophy, and then probably my experience. I have been a trainer in the military, and taught cooking to the community, but the biggest challenge I've faced is training software. 

Thus, I've needed a guide to help me help others. It is this: know the software, and listen.  I know the software I teach, as well as anyone, to the level I'm teaching. I can accommodate all levels of training of Sanction.  Secondly, I listen. Most software, whether legal or otherwise, can be more than overwhelming when first learned. With an attentive ear, I can better understand a student's needs, thus helping connect the software to some - any - task, that the student may need to accomplish. Software learning is all about making it work for you in the course of legal proceedings. If I can help shorten the curve to accomplish the tasks an attorney, paralegal, administrator, or judge needs for their daily tasks, then hopefully the fee will have been well worth it.

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