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The Cuff (Complex)

1533 13th Avenue





By far the largest facility.  It has several rooms, including a bar, in which you enter.  There is a dance floor, which is located at the back, and is only open on Friday and Saturday.  The dance floor is fairly small, but gets pretty busy on both nights it's open.  Love to start my dancing there, however, it closes at 2 a.m., which is the time Seattle no longer serves alcohol.  There is also an outdoor area, which is pure stand and model.  Very busy on weekends, I like it a lot.


1509 Broadway





The backdoor entrance to Neighbors:

One of the few places that allows dancing after alcohol consumption is no longer.  It has two bars, located at either end of an wide-open space.  In the middle is a dance floor, which is surround on three sides with elevated stands to dance on.  Busiest on Saturday nights.  The only downfall here is the straight boy and girl curiosity factor.  More straight people than I care for, but is a fun place to dance, nevertheless, mostly because I can continue to dance after I leave the Cuff.  Please be aware as of my last visit that the entrance is now in the front!

Timberline (moved!)

1828 Yale Ave. (new address)

(old address: 2015 Boren Avenue)

(206) 883-0242




Timberline has always been known for its incredible tea dance on Sundays, where both girls and boys have no problem dancing in one space. From what I understand, they have now expanded to include Saturday nights with house music. And it sounds like a happening time, although have not experienced it yet myself. Their website seems to be updated regularly, so please feel free to click on the Timberline name above to hyper over to their website. In the past, this club was renowned for being THE country western bar of Seattle.

Timberline has moved! I do not have photos of their new location, but their website has all the new info for their new location. Please click on here to find out what's going on!

Paradise Garage (and Grille) - Closed!

925 E. Pike


This club just opened recently, having been ARO.Space for awhile.  The one time I've been it was a lot of fun.  Small bar as you enter, but once inside the main facility, there is a very large dance floor.  There are places for go-go boys to dance, some platforms for anyone to dance on.  Good lights, good sound, and various DJ's make their appearance.  There is also an upstairs area, but have not had a chance to check it out yet.

Update - the name has changed, but another club fills the same space. Good luck keeping up with the club names!

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