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Club Evolution

22nd Street and Champa

(303) 296-4601


2101 Denver (formerly known as The Wave)

2101 Champa, Denver  CO 

(303) 299-9283




As quick as I posted my last update, the owner of the place decided to change it all. 2101 Denver is what they are calling the place, but you will still see it referred to as the Wave in publications. Also, Friday nights are now for girls, and Saturdays are for boys


This used to be the place to dance on Friday nights. It comes closest to recreating the Tracks experience, although not quite. Located about a block from the Triangle, if you don't like one, you can always walk over to the other.

Expect to be charged a cover ($3-10, depends on event and/or DJ). Once you enter, the bar is to the right, the dance floor to the left. The dance floor is surrounded on three side with areas to circulate, tables and the like. Lots of room to stand-and-model, if you care for that sort of thing.  If you continue moving forward, there is a back room, beyond the bathrooms - have not yet ventured that far.

I have really liked this club because of its ability to mix both stand-and-model and dancing.


145 Broadway, Denver  CO 

(303) 722-7977



One of the first clubs at which I danced before I moved to Denver, the Compound is somewhat similar to the Triangle, in that it attracts all types, especially on Sunday nights.

The parking lot here is entirely too small, but luckily there seems to be plenty of street parking surrounding the facility. No cover ever here either. But on Sunday, please do expect it to be quite busy.

As you enter the long hallway in, straight ahead you see a long bar and open area. Once you get past the ID checker, to the right are the bathrooms and a pool table. If you follow the bar area, there is seating all along it, as well as at tables along the wall that face the bar. This is the portion of the bar that is open 7 days a week. 

To enter the dance floor area, you will take a right immediately after you get ID'd. Through the doorway, you will see the lights and sounds of the dance floor to your left, and another large bar area to the right. While the dance floor is fairly small, you can expect it to be packed on Sundays, with a good DJ, and a very dark setting, it's a good place to have fun. I know there is dancing Friday - Sunday, am unsure of other days of the week.

Tracks (formerly Dream)

3500 Walnut Street



Update: Sorry everyone. I have been traveling so much, it completely escaped me that Dream has been renamed to, guess what: Tracks! Thus the Tracks 2000 is reborn!


This is the long awaited replacement to Tracks 2000. It was THE place to be on a Saturday night. From what I hear, it is again attracting the crowds Tracks used to. Good music, sound and lights. Two rooms, one for the circuit party crowd, the other plays 80's tunes. That sort of thing. Please click on the title above to go to their website to see what's up for a given night. For example, they seem to be hosting regular nights for both 16+ and 18+. So there is a good time to be had for all!

La Rhumba

99 W. 9th Ave.

(303) 572-8006



Update! It seems the scene has shifted a bit. La Rhumba now hosts an entirely different series of nights for both boys, girls and our straight brethren. Please get your hands on the latest gay paper (OutFront still seems to be the most readily available) to see what they are currently offering. I do know 'Oxygen' night has moved to Serengeti, a new club listed below. (03/11/2004)

The facility is top notch, with lots of room to mingle, to lounge, and to dance. Music seems consistently good, and the crowds have been awesome, with a mix of all sorts of boys, and a few girls. They also have started a Sunday Tea dance, but old habits die hard - Foxhole has the lock - until winter sets in.

Old Tequila Rosa's

 5190 Brighton
(303) 295-2819



This club, which is located in the middle of nowhere, is the one gay club dedicated to Latinos, and those who love them. There is usually a cover only on Saturday nights, and it varies. 

Upon walking in, there is a pool table immediately to your right. Straight ahead is the bar, with two bartenders, usually. Immediately to the left are some bar tables, and further to the left, is a table-and-seats area, which us quite crowded on Saturdays, with regulars taking most of them. 

As you follow the bar, to the left, there is a very small dance floor. It is acceptable during the summer, when there is an outdoor patio to dance on. In the other months, however, is is entirely too small - be prepared for ever polite Latinos to do the bump. 

At the end of the bar, then to the right, is the entrance way to the outdoor patio. This is one of the saving graces of the club/bar. It is large, and with the gorgeous Denver summer nights, it's a terrific place to hang with friends, or gawk at that cute boy from Columbia...


1037 Broadway

(303) 534-0222


Update: Does anyone have info regards this club? I haven't been able to find anything on the web - anyone been here lately?

25,000 square feet of entertainment. The new home for Oxygen Fridays, Nitrogen Sunday T-Dance and the Original Drag Queen Bingo. Introducing Saturday Night's New Dance Party, DV8, and Happy Hour in the Lounge at Serengeti.

This club has a website, but there is nothing on it of value. Again, look to your favorite GLBT paper to find out what's new. Know a few people who have gone here, but not heard too much.


2036 Broadway

(303) 293-9009




On Saturday nights, this and 2101 are the places to dance and hang out, if you like lots of people, good music, etc.

This once was a leather bar. Wow - no more. Where once was a tiny (and I mean tiny) dance floor (to the right as you enter) is a shop where you can purchase leather goods, or other gay-themed related items.  It is also where the coat check is.

As you enter, there is a large bar.  Immediately behind it (where once there were pool tables) is a raised dance floor. Still not large, about the same size as Compound's. Unlike Compound, this dance floor is surrounded by open space, where one can circulate. Thus far, I have seen a go-go dancer, although he/they seem as interested in the patrons as they do seem in dancing. There is also an elevated corner stepped platform - haven't quite figured out its purpose yet, other than a place to be conspicuous..

Past the dance floor is the only portion of the club that seems to be the same is the back room, where you will find a pool table, and another bar. Here is also where you can step outside in an enclosed outdoor area.

Interestingly enough, the persons who frequented the Triangle before its renovation seem to continue to patronize it.  Thus you have perhaps the most eclectic mix of party goers in the city of Denver - club boys, gym bunnies, bears, leather daddies - they're all there!

Oh, one more thing - no cover!

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