Gay Chicago - Boystown/North Halstead Street

Northalsted Market Days is August 6-7, 2005 (click here for the official website and more info)


954 W. Belmont Ave.

(773) 348-4975






Berlin is the very first club I went to when first in Chicago. It's right across the street from an L stop (red line), so it seemed a logical starting point. It is a staple of the club/bar scene in Chicago, so you might want to give it a go. There is a dance floor and a bar that stretches the length of the room. From here you will want to walk down Belmont to Halstead, where Boystown 'officially' begins.

Bobby Love's

3729 N. Halsted St.

(773) 525-1200





Bucks Saloon

3439 N. Halsted St.

(773) 525-1125




Cell Block

3702 N. Halsted St.

(773) 665-8064



Charlie's Nightclub

3726 N. Broadway

(773) 871-8887





Circuit Nightclub

3641 N. Halsted St.

(773) 325-2233





I happen to really like Circuit. It has a very large dance floor, several platforms for showoffs, and a really good sound and light system. It was packed with lots of Latino boys when I went a couple times last summer, but whether or not that's your thing, it gets packed and is a lot of fun.


3359 N. Halsted St.

(773) 477-1420





3343 N. Halsted St.

(773) 404-8100




Gentry On Halsted

3320 N. Halsted St.

(773) 348-1053





3458 N. Halsted St.

(773) 975-9244





One of the newer bars on the Halstead strip, this has become a very popular place to see and be seen. It's a little on the smaller size, there is a dance floor, and two main bar areas. The sound and light system is very good, with lots of cute guys hanging out. They also open the dance area for an outdoor feel in the summer. It's especially fun for boy watching!

Little Jim's

3501 N. Halsted St.

(773) 871-6116



Lucky Horseshoe

3169 N. Halsted St.

(773) 404-3169





The Lucky Horseshoe is a classic strip bar. I was a little shocked the first time I entered, as the moment you enter, you are in a large crowded bar area, with strippers dancing on the bar itself. As you proceed towards the back of the bar (along the left), there is another smaller bar and stripper area. Go for the experience, unless you are into that sort of thing!


1948 N. Halsted St.


North End

3733 N. Halsted St.

(773) 477-7999






3356 N. Halsted St.

(773) 281-3355





Roscoe's is simply a blast! I have never not had a good time here! It can get very very packed inside, so beware. There is so much to offer here. As you enter there is a full island bar. As you get past the bar and travel to the left then take another left, there is another small bar and pool tables. If you take a right past the front bar, you first enter another much smaller bar area. As you continue on, the dance floor is all the way to the back. It tends to get very dark, which can be a lot of fun. Across the dance floor is another small bar, with an out door area. This is one of those places you have to go for the full Halstead experience.


3349 N. Halsted St.

(773) 477-9189





This is the grand daddy of all Midwest stand-and-model bars. It's huge, with video monitors everywhere. There are three distinct bar areas, all with their own personality. There are raised areas for watching, lots of corners, wide open spaces - it is about the perfect bar of its type. The photo here was taken the day before Market Days - one of the big summer festivals on Halstead - so please know the blue awning is not usually there. Sidetrack is right across the street from Roscoe's!


Belmont Ave. at Halsted St.

(773) 327-7711





Spin is my very first Halstead bar experience. It's a bit smaller than you might think judging from the large exterior. As you enter, there is a classic island bar to the left. To the left in the back are a couple of pool tables. There is a dance floor here, but you have to know where to look to find it! It's sort of hidden, up a couple of steps just about straight ahead of where you enter. There is a small doorway to pass through and voila! There is a rather small dance floor and bar, and seating area (although that seems to come and go depending on when I have been there). I have had fun there, as people seem to be more inclined to talk to you here. Again, the huge rainbow flag is not usually there - they dressed it up for Market Days.


3246 N. Halsted St.

(773) 929-6080






Beware! This is not your normal 'club', although it is a club. It is the sort that requires a special membership....Enjoy!


3441 N. Halsted St.

(773) 281-9320





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