Seattle Gay Bars

CC's (CC Attle's Bar and Grille)

1501 E. Madison




Located the furthest from the gay epicenter, this is a local bar, with perhaps the strongest drinks.  I have found it to be the best place to start the evening.  Small, not too dark, with a couple TVs and two outdoor decks, go by yourself, or with someone.


1500 E. Madison





Across the street from CC's, I have not yet been there.

The Cuff (Complex)

1533 13th Avenue



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By far the largest facility.  It has several rooms, including a bar, in which you enter.  There is a dance floor, which is located at the back, and is only open on Friday and Saturday.  The dance floor is fairly small, but gets pretty busy on both nights it's open.  Love to start my dancing there, then move on to Neighbors.  There is also an outdoor area, which is pure stand and model.  Very busy on weekends - I like it a lot.


514 E. Pine Street



Stand and model.  Go with a friend - I do not suggest going there by yourself, unless you are extremely outgoing.  It is a very nice bar, and with company, a nice place to go for a cocktail any day of the week.

R Place (Bar and Grill)

619 E. Pine Street



R Place is a large place, with three floors.  On the first is a small bar, and a few tables.  The second level hosts more tables, and a pool table.  The third floor is the largest, with pool tables, dart boards, tables, videos, and a fairly large wrap-around bar.  It is another place I would term mostly stand and model, although they have a lot of activities throughout the week.  It is a good place to just hang out, with or without friends.


722 East Pike St., Seattle , WA  98122




Seattle's hot dance and video bar, with great signature drinks and happy hour Monday-Saturday 4-9pm all day Sunday. It is Seattle's newest place to see, and be seen.


The Eagle

314 E. Pike Street



The token leather bar in the city.  I  have seen several other websites refer to The Cuff as somewhat like this, which it is not.  The Cuff is an all-person place.  The Eagle is the place to go if you are into the very masculine scene.  Only serves beer, though, so be forewarned.  It is smallish, with a small outdoor area in the back, and a second floor, which has a pool table and overlooks the main bar area.


1114 Howell St., Seattle , WA  98101
(206) 233-9873




Have not had the chance to go into this bar yet, although have passed by it many times. I believe they have bands that play here, and have a small dance floor as well.


Lesbian Bars

Wild Rose

1021 E. Pike St., Seattle , WA
(206) 324-9210




I have never been one to frequent lesbian hangouts, but I know this place gets pretty busy on weekend evenings. 

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